Manago, Vincent


Vincent Manago was born in Toulon, South of France in 1880.

He studied art at Academie Julien in Paris where he was trained by Jean-Paul Laurens.

He migrated to North Africa for a while and then back to France, painting mostly landscape views and street scenes.

Manago was a very popular painter in  Marseille between 1900 and 1913.

Specialising in landscape, marine and genre paintings of the Mediterranean coast and also Orientalist painting, (the latter revealing the influence of his stay in Tunisia and Algeria on his work) he often used a strong and vivid palatte. In addition to being a painter, Manago also worked as a decorator of several private residences in Tunis and Alger.

Unusually perhaps for an artist, his popularity continued throughout his life, not only in his 'home' region of the south of France, but also spreading across Europe and in North Africa where his work was exhibited frequently.

He lived in Paris until his death in June 1936.